The She Angels Pitchfest and TV Web Series is a program that features prominent successful investor panelists listening to the pitches of female entrepreneurs and then getting behind them with funding and mentorship.

This game-changing venture addresses the issues of female entrepreneurs being under funded. It educates the attendees and show viewers about this inequity, inspires women to get off the sidelines and launch their great ideas, and encourages already successful women to help other women, as a way of giving back and paying it forward.

The end game is a globally interactive solution-oriented platform that solves the issue of this inequity in funding of womens' extraordinary ideas and ventures.

While other women funding entities exist, this is the first women-helping-women TV venture to educate, inspire, motivate and create an actual change through this empowering visual medium.

As a long time Producer of films and projects that evoke change, my mission is to launch this initiative online and on air in 2019, to start moving the needle in a positive direction with interactive solutions that will eventually fund millions of women entrepreneurs around the world.

-- Founder, Catherine Gray