Film Director C. Fitz Answers: What ways can women help others succeed?

We can help other women succeed in several ways. I try and incorporate these concepts into my work:

  • Mentor women of any age. Now more then ever we should be aware not to overlook age discrimination. A lot of older very skilled women have been over-looked, surpassed by male counterparts yet remain extremely talented. Reach out and help your fellow female step up – they usually could use some extra push and pull.
  • Advocate/support and take action to help women advance. A lot of times the louder (squeaky) wheel has gotten the promotion/raise/job. Help your fellow women advocate for themselves and/or hire them!

My company, and the ones I work with, use the women helping women philosophy. Every woman-owned business needs to implement this way of thinking into their culture. Now more than ever, it’s about successful women helping advance other smart, driven women!

C. Fitz
Producing / directing content & marketing
Social media management & branding

Her feature film, which she directed and is now on Netflix: “Jewel’s Catch One”

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