She Angels Pitch Fest Applications

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6 selected entrepreneurs will compete for over $100,000 in combined cash and in kind services to help them build their sales, brand, marketing and overall successful business strategy.
Every contestant will win either cash or services to take their product/service to the next level.
You may vote once for as many contestants as you like. Votes will be considered as a part of the selection criteria.

November 3, 2019

Soturi Kitchen / Soturi Fitness and Nutrition, LLC – Yu Ling “Sway” Mark Davis

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Soturi Kitchen / Soturi Fitness and Nutrition, LLC s application. Soturi Kitchen was birthed from personal and professional experiences exploring food to achieve continuous well-being in body, mind, and spirit. Each offering from our kitchen is thoughtfully crafted combining ancient and modern ingredients and is gluten and dairy free. We are here to honor the tradition of earth-grown goodness and to pave the road for the generations to come.
April 24, 2019

Classiqu Era, Inc. – Anne Devlin

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Classiqu Era's application. Classiqu Era has been my dream since I was a child! It is currently beyond the concept stage, with a solid platform beneath the business. I am currently selling beautiful dresses by individual order, and am receiving both positive reviews and wonderful testimonials from my clients! All of my licenses are complete, Classiqu Era is incorporated, and has a trademark filed and published with the USPTO. I've done copious market research, and a physical survey has been completed, highlighting the need and desire for my product. My business plan is complete, and updated. I have obtained sourcing for materials, and secured a contractor to create the dresses. I am producing both samples and finished products! Classiqu Era has been showcased in two trunk shows where product was sold, and has participated in two charity fashion shows, where the dresses walked the runway. Laura Sharpe, CEO of Artists for Trauma, received an award wearing a Classiqu Era dress!
November 4, 2019

Recontained // Britt Kagan and Tonia Soteros

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Recontained's application. At Recontained, we are passionate about the environment; about the world we live in. We believe, as a society, we have an obligation to ourselves, to future generations, to the animals that we coexist with on this planet, to start making better choices. This is why we made it our mission to create an easy alternative to the single use plastic that is so dramatically & undeniably damaging our home. Everyone needs personal care & home cleaning products, so how can we make a change? A new approach to your everyday consumables. Through our zero waste Venice store, online retail, & pop-up shops in the LA area, Recontained offers the ability to refill your clean containers with a range of mindfully sourced, quality driven, made in the USA products. Our entire skincare line contains 80% & up organic ingredients. All products are healthy & safe, cruelty free (produced in Leaping Bunny Certified facilities), sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, & all but 1, due to the use of beeswax, are fully vegan. We offer customized scents with the use of natural essential oils & the option of our own high quality bottles that you can bring back & use time & time again, creating a waste-free cycle for your personal care & home cleaning products. We also support other brands we love by offering them in store, online, or in our pop-up stores - all that help you easily obtain the eco-lifestyle you want! Find out more at or follow us on instagram at @Recontained_LA
November 4, 2019
Female co-founders of the video production company she tv media

She TV Media, LLC – Meredith Yinger

She Angels welcomes you to vote for She TV Media, LLCs application. We are She TV Media: a female-run, full-service video production company focused on telling untold and inspiring stories of empowered women and men through narratives, documentaries, and branded commercial content. In addition to video production, we, as a small business, have incorporated mentorship and youth education into our business model and mission by hosting free workshops, creating internship programs, and developing a scholarship program for local high school and college-aged young women. You can learn more about our work at our website:
April 30, 2019

The Funny Bunny – Michelle Boback-Toufexis

She Angels welcomes you to vote for The Funny Bunny s application. A sustainable, community based cafe with vegan and paleo options from organic produce. The Funny Bunny has a special space for the kids, and a comfortable couch for the parents. Don't have time to sit, or have a little one asleep in the car? The Funny Bunny will bring your food to your car when you order from the convenience of your phone. Picky eaters aren't a problem with our Bunny Boxes! Kids sized bento boxes with a choice of a smoothie, salad or waffle taco, a mini muffin or Funny Bunny signature chocolate chip cookie, and a fruit or veggie side!
November 13, 2019

Divine Dreamz – Cori Newman & Andrea Gootnick

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Divine Dreamzs application. We are two female entrepreneurs that created this business almost four years ago. Our product is patent pending. All of the materials were designed by former Disney artists, and each item in the dream kit is of the highest quality. For every ten units sold we donate one kid's dream kit to Children's Hospital Los Angeles.
October 21, 2019

Gina Raphaela Jewelry – Tina Alexis Allen

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Gina Raphaela Jewelrys application. Gina Raphaela Jewelry merges fashion, art and social consciousness by creating a unique sense of style while giving back to the world. Our philanthropic mission provides a percentage of all proceeds to be donated directly to non-profit organizations striving to enhance the quality of life, while raising awareness and making a stand of "no more violence." Our goal is to grow our company organically, thoughtfully and profitably with a platform that is dedicated to supporting a message of nonviolence.
November 5, 2019

Equisafe Blanket – Dalia MacPhee

She Angels welcomes you to vote for CMG Ltds application. BIO: Meet Dalia MacPhee… Celebrity Fashion Designer, Wearable Tech Innovator, Fashion Futurist, Motivational Speaker, Women’s Champion Canadian Fashion Designer Dalia MacPhee has rocketed to the upper echelon of sought- after designers in Hollywood. She’s been called the “IT” girl of the red carpet and Entertainment Tonight has referred to her brand as “Couture with a Conscience.” The Consul General of Canada listed her as an emerging phenomenon in Canada with significant designing talent, and Google Inc has touted her as “making waves in fashion and technology.” Dalia’s designs have graced the figures of celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Heidi Klum, Gina Rodriguez, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Olivia Munn, Amber Riley, Anna Silk, Mel B, Nina Dobrev, Niecy Nash, Alyssa Milano, Serena Williams, Scarlett Johansson, Khloe Kardashian, the stars of The Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, and Glee to name a few. A TEDx speaker, Dalia has been published in Forbes, Success, Inc., Entrepreneur The Huffington Post and The New Yorker, and featured on CBS , CTV, ABC ,CNN, NBC, and Fox News. Recent fashion projects include an underwater celebrity fashion campaign to bring awareness to violence against women and a global fashion show to promote world peace. Dalia is the inventor of the world’s first light up jeans, the “brilliant” purse, and most recently the EQUISAFE Blanket, the first fully fire retardant horse blanket with built in GPS. Media credits Include: Entertainment Tonight, E!, The Insider, and countless magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Allure, and People.
April 10, 2019

Silky the cap (Silky International) – Donna Moten

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Silky the cap ( silky internationals application. Silky International is a retail, sales, manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, Ca. We invent and create innovative products that solve the needs of the everyday consumer.
October 23, 2019

Viva La Veggie – Carrie Engle

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Viva La Veggies application. Viva La Veggie is all about providing quality food that lesssns the consumption of animals. You don’t have to be vegetarian, but one replacement a week goes a long way. We also want to create a community so we can bring awareness to social issues like homelessness. A year ago, I lived in my car while attending school, working and volunteering at campus events. I wasn’t on drugs, or lazy, quite the opposite. I know what it’s like to have harships and I want to show people that you can do more than overcome obstacles, you can succeed. Eventually, I would like to have carts that specialize in different products. I would also like to have contests on social media where people pitch ideas for the name of items on the menu. We would also donate portions to an organizations that helps people experiencing homelessness in our community.
February 1, 2019

Borbón Skincare, Inc. – Carmen Milagro Gonzalez

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Borbón Skincare, Inc.s application. BORBÓN SKINCARE® Nurture Your Skin ~ Honor Your Body™ As the Latina-owner and founder of Borbón Skincare, I've created the World's Finest Premium Clean, Green & CBD Skincare Product Line that we package in our innovative Violet Glass Technology. We believe in the ART of clean green & CBD skincare and we've reinvented the heritage formulations passed down to us by our “abuelas” (grandmothers) with our Cancer Warriors health and well being in mind. We're handcrafting small batches of safe & healthy skincare products that use absolutely ZERO chemicals or toxins like parabens, sulfates and bleach, man-made dyes or other ingredients, or microbeads and certainly no synthetic preservatives! Our core formulations are housed in VGT glass that blocks out the bad light rays but allows (3) types of UV & Red Light Rays that help to naturally & safely preserve all the food-grade ingredients in our bottle & jars.
November 5, 2019

She Creates – Alison Robertson

She Angels welcomes you to vote for She Createss application. She Creates is a multi-faceted coaching and professional speaking business. On the coaching side, we specialize in personal development- helping people master who they are, here and now, and how to get to the next phase of turning their dreams and goals into reality .
April 4, 2019

Grunder-Oakley Productions – Melanie Grunder

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Grunder-Oakley Productionss application. I have a reality show production company
October 24, 2019

LĒZA – Elizabeth Mehditach

She Angels welcomes you to vote for LĒZA s application. It’s under renovation as I write this. I am a chef offering savory cuisine and desserts, for events, or a la carte orders.
February 1, 2019

The Hut – Gladys Nyoth

She Angels welcomes you to vote for The Huts application. In the summer of 2019: we will open Los Angeles's very first indigenous hub that will bring people together through our cuisines, our traditions and our practices. THE HUT will be layered with 3 different segments: an immersive restaurant showcasing Mbombo's signature dinners , as well as resident chefs with aligned visions a second-floor for collective and private gatherings for events, meetings, and lectures that reflect on the enhancement of our world, with a special focus on transformational work and herbal medicines an outdoor garden that will be available for ALL communities, including wellness practitioners, and spiritual healers.
November 5, 2019

TLAS, LLC – Genevieve Anderson

She Angels welcomes you to vote for TLAS, LLCs application. The 1Z Supersuit is a fashionable, utilitarian jumpsuit for men and women that is an emblem of our shared desire to get down to the work of creating new stories for a new future. As we downsize, economize, and re-prioritize, we need a mode of dress that expresses our common purpose toward simplification and unification – a purpose that begins with the “I” and thrives through the “1.” We express our “common thread” in action and attire. The “1Z” is conceptual fashion with a cause – It’s fun to be 1!! The forthcoming 1Z website will be the hub for selling the suit, sharing stories, and exchanging ideas. I spent the past two years developing the prototype and just finished a start-up course with Climb in Tucson.
April 12, 2019

Fitware – Marjorie Weir

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Marj Viksna Weirs application. Fitware™ modular storage is a more convenient way to prep like a restaurant and take food easily. Using a grid pattern, multiple containers can fit and seal under one lid in a box the size of a cake pan. Other sizes can be made, but making all to fit in a grid makes it easy for multiple items to work and store together. Fitware is designed to connect all things food - a cost effective way to make meals, travel with food, package food and ship food. With a mix of reusable, compostable, biodegradable and recyclable plastics or glass, using a modular system creates less food waste and plastic waste. No more food lost in the fridge, keep your ingredients and your leftovers in one spot.
October 24, 2019

Glamhive, INC. – Stephanie Sprangers

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Glamhive, INC.s application. Glamhive is democratizing personal styling by offering stylists a platform to grow and manage their business and consumers a place to connect with and hire a personal stylist. Personal styling is a $5.6 billion US market underserved by technology. We are changing that. We have created the first end-to-end, online platform for providing personalized styling services that delivers a seamless solution that enables all aspects related to styling, from customer communication to payments, and style delivery. The Glamhive platform utilizes a set of patent-pending, proprietary software developed by the company that integrates and normalizes multiple product databases, manages affiliate relationships and associated revenue, and can provide alternative product recommendations and transaction management Today, we have 300 stylists using Glamhive to power their business, and we are just getting started. Learn more:
February 1, 2019

Good For You Girls – Kimberly Grustas

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Good For You Girlss application. Good For You Girls is the first clean beauty brand dedicated to girls 8 and up. Products address the changing needs of girls and keeps them away from harmful ingredients during a crucial time in their bodies development-puberty.
November 6, 2019

The Playground – Kirstyn Shaw

She Angels welcomes you to vote for The Playgrounds application. The playground is a one-stop shop & coworking solution for today's modern women. It features boutique fitness studios, child care, salon services, and a cafe on site.
October 29, 2019

Tower 15 Productions – Cali Gilbert

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Tower 15 Productionss application. Tower 15 Productions is a female-owned establishment geared towards supporting creatives through education and collaboration in the areas of publishing, photography and filmmaking. Through the mediums of books, online courses, collaborative filmmaking projects, workshops and networking events, Cali Gilbert looks to unite creatives to create projects that shed light on important issues and bring about positive change.
February 1, 2019

Use Me Hair Products – Devin Graciano

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Use Me Hair productss application. We are salon hair {products} simplified. We have created the most simple and effective professional hair care line that is created to work on every textured hair with concentration that allows someone on any schedule to find simple to use. Our product line encourages women that they are beautiful whether they have time to get ready or not. We support them and give them simple tools to feel that. Our message is anti-current beauty campaigns that pay models to show artificial beauty. We celebrate people in our lives and the beauty that lives within themselves. We want you to always look and feel beautiful, without spending 2 hours in the bathroom. So you can LIVE LIFE MORE!
October 30, 2019

Freedom – Ira Kaganovsky

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Freedoms application. A natural deodorant company that actually works and gives back!
February 1, 2019

PassAway – Marta Delgado de Robles

She Angels welcomes you to vote for PassAways application. PassAway is a web-based solution to the unstructured online legacy challenges. Our centralized database allows people to securely store their online assets and designate legacy contacts to receive online account information and assets after they pass away. The platform can be easily updated and the accounts information are always ready to help the families of the deceased user.
December 2, 2019

Wander + Ivy – Dana Spaulding

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Wander + Ivy s application. I searched high and low for single-serve wine options, but anything I found left much to be desired—like great taste and packaging that mirrored the quality of the experience.

 When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to create it myself.

 I started Wander + Ivy because I wanted the freedom to enjoy a great glass of wine anytime without the guilt of knowing most of the bottle would probably go to waste.

 Today, we’re proud to offer an elevated single-serve wine experience that combines the exquisite taste and terroir of organic wines from sustainable producers with convenient, premium packaging and a deep-seated commitment to helping charitable organizations feed those in need.
May 3, 2019

The Original My Buddy Towel®️LLC – Angelyn Myers

She Angels welcomes you to vote for The Original My Buddy Towel®️LLCs application. Hi! I’m Angelyn Myers, mom of 6, that turned an idea into a product in less than a year. The Original My “Buddy” Towel® was created out of frustration! My daughter would always use 3 towels after a bath. (1 around her shoulders, 1 for her hair, and one wrapped around her waist!) I was tired of the unnecessary towel laundry piling up! I turned to google to hopefully buy a solution. (Google can solve everything, right?) Well my search resulted in more frustration-realizing there wasn’t a perfect solution! Yes, there were hooded kids towels, or bath robes, but we’ve already tried those with no luck! (they left her legs exposed and were made with polyester which left her feeling sopping wet) I needed something with full coverage and something absorbent. Bath after bath hoping she’d use just 1 towel, maybe 2, but nope always 3. I had that nagging gut feeling that wouldn’t go away- I needed to create a full body towel! I told my husband about my idea. He bought me a sewing machine and simply said, “go for it!” I bought 2 large bath towels, traced my daughter, cut them out, and sewed them together. It wasn’t perfect or functional! But it gave my family a better picture of what I was trying to make. So, again I turned to google. This time to figure out how I can make a functional solution to our ongoing problem! One thing led to another and google became my best friend! I had factory made prototypes within 2 weeks. Made a couple measurement tweaks and 2 weeks after that I had unboxed the frog and pink flamingo prototypes! It was so exciting seeing my idea come to life! My kids were excited as well. My daughter used them right away and ever since she only uses 1 towel-The Original My “Buddy” Towel®
October 31, 2019

Lifograph – Dea Wilson

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Lifographs application. We aggregate and extract relevant public information about people and companies, combine it with user-generated wiki contributions, then display it in chronological timelines and relationship maps. See examples here: - timeline: - connection map: - list of relationships: We use this information to match people and companies based on interests, skills and real life relationships. If Wikipedia and Linkedin had a baby, they would name it Lifograph.
February 1, 2019

Putting Women In Their Place – Megan Park

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Putting Women In Their Places application. Production company building nationwide network of media professionals to support progressive women running for office at all levels of government.
June 11, 2019

Baskets and Beads Kenya – Eldonna Fernandez

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Baskets and Beads Kenyas application. Baskets and Beads Kenya is a for profit business with a non profit arm. Our for profit purchases hand crafted baskets, beads and handbags from artisans who live in the Kipsongo Slum in Kitale Kenya. The primary purpose is to offer a hand up not a hand out. We are creating self sustaining families through entrepreneurship, one woman at a time. We are eradicating poverty and eliminating human trafficking and saving children from a life of extreme poverty. I personally visit Kenya and purchase the items at a market day that we organize while I’m there. They know in advance the amount I will order. We started in the beginning giving microloans to enable them to purchase the supplies to manufacture the items. Some beads are made from paper and magazines, which creates sustainability through use of recycled materials. Other beaded necklaces and baskets are made using glass “seed beads” and we recently invested in a sewing machine and training for some of the women to learn to make purses with the African Wax Print Fabric embellishment. This all started when I went to Kenya in Feb 2018 on a trip to serve suffering and displaced people in Kitale Kenya and the surrounding area. While there I met the women of the Kipsongo Slum which is a slum built on top of a landfill. They live in small mud huts and have no running water, kitchen or bathroom facilities in them. The water comes from the river miles away or the one working pump in the slum. The women of Kipsongo struggle to provide for their families. Most of them have left abusive or alcoholic men and most of the men don’t work, they sit around and drink all day. Some of the women used to prostitute themselves or sell illegal alcohol to earn money (similar to moonshine). Many would get arrested and thrown in prison. Many go to the landfill or dumpster to pick through thrown away food to feed their families. When I saw the beautiful hand crafted items they made, I got an idea to buy some beads and sell them with my Think Like A Negotiator book when I speak. “Book and a Bead “was born. We had a market day with the women and I purchased something from each woman that was there; about $200 in beads and sold out immediately upon my return. I doubled the order and sold out again, I tripled the order and sold out again. In July of 2018 I brought back 7 suitcases full of beads and sold most of those out including wholesaling into some boutique stores. In March 2019, I brought back 10 suitcases of beads and some of those have sold out in the short time I’ve been back. I’ve also reached out to some shops that have purchased wholesale lots and almost all have reordered because they are selling out. To move this forward I need more funding to hire a bigger team, have a marketing plan and introductions to more wholesale outlets to purchase the beads. I intend to hire women veterans and give my female veteran sisters an opportunity to work. As a veteran myself I know the struggles of transitioning out of the military. We are at the beginning of the growth stage now where we need a good marketing plan and strategy, an expert in marketing and social media and a publicity team, a full marketing budget and warehouse planning and inventory control system to ensure our infrastructure is solid and we have enough team members to handle the expansion and growth. We have been growing steadily and expect an explosion of growth once marketing and publicity are in place and more people know about the women and our story. Our non-profit was established to raise funds for the bigger vision to purchase land to build housing to get them out of the slum, a farm for food both for their families and as an extra stream of income and a place for the ladies to manufacture the beads. Currently they are doing the work in their individual huts. We are modeling after another organization “Esther’s Home” in Kitale that has the farmer who started their farm and will give us training and consulting to get our farm set up. The farm will grow fruits and vegetables and also have cows for milk, chickens for eggs and a fishpond. The non-profit will also provide funding for educating the women further, purchase of equipment and furnishings for the housing and provide school fees for children including children on the street. There is another program in the works to have each one of the families who receive a home to take the kids off the street and provide them a home. There are no foster care programs in Kenya. There are many children as young as 7 and 8 years of age who live on the street and beg for food.
February 1, 2019

Tough Mamas – Nico Juber & Debbie Saroufim

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Tough Mamass application. Tough Mamas simplifies new-mom self-care by providing clients with two new on-demand workouts every week. What makes us unique is that our Certified Trainer gives specific pre-natal and postpartum modifications in every video. By removing the guesswork for those that already have enough on their mind, it lets them simply focus on the video and their wellbeing. Plus, we're focusing on gifting our product to take the purchase consideration out for the moms altogether by marketing our product as a wellness benefit, patient perk and 3 month membership gift card.
June 25, 2019

Say Wow Pro – Jacky Mizrachi

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Say Wow Pros application. Say Wow Pro has started distributing a great product truly loved by its users and is looking to expand into other product.
February 1, 2019

Shared Harvest Fund – Nana BAM

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Shared Harvest Funds application. The Shared Harvest Fund is the first platform of its kind to tackle the student debt crisis head on while simultaneously addressing the decline in volunteerism. The online platform connects talented students and professionals with social causes that they care about through skills-based volunteering. Members signup online, complete a profile page that will later match them with short- term project-based deliverables that can be done locally or remotely. Members then start engaging with the nonprofit agency directly as they work on their projects and often establish a lasting relationship beyond project completion. Once satisfactorily completed, they receive a digital evaluation and are rewarded with a randomized student loan debt stipend in order to keep the spirit of volunteering at the forefront. At its core, it’s a remarkable way of developing one's professional skills and leveraging talent in the nonprofit sector while also addressing the number one pain point that keeps most graduates and professionals who have limited time due to financial restraints from volunteering. Through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, companies can buy into the SHF platform for their employees and or sponsor a package of projects or sponsor a number of nonprofits to join the platform. This is particularly advantageous for companies who want more reliable tracking of how and where donation funds are being used. The SHF Employer Student Loan Repayment option is an attractive offering for companies to help recruit and retain top talent and a diverse workforce, while increasing employee retention through a student loan repayment program and volunteer programming. The Shared Harvest Fund business model is truly a win-win for each stakeholder and has rippling social impact.
June 28, 2019

Every Body – Alicia Lagano & Jessa Hollowell

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Every Bodys application. Every Body is a start-up retail establishment that will provide a safe, comfortable place for our transgender and gender non-conforming youth to shop freely. We specialize in designing for transgender and gender non-conforming youth while benefiting but not limited to the LGBTQ community.
March 7, 2019

Angel Shave Club – Iskra Tsenkova

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Angel Shave Clubs application. Angel Shave Club is the first boutique shave club designed and geared specifically toward women. Women will no longer be an afterthought of men’s shave clubs. Our goal is to give women everywhere a luxurious shave, at a price they can afford.
September 4, 2019

Cleanbox Technology – Amy Hedrick

She Angels welcomes you to vote for Cleanbox Technologys application. Cleanbox is a premium hygienic and eco-friendly brand providing solutions for the decontamination and drying of virtual & augmented reality headsets, headphones and other mass-use hardware. Designed with commercial high-volume traffic in mind, Cleanbox products are streamlined for effectiveness, ease and speed. Cleanbox eliminates the need for heat, liquid or toxins in the decontamination process, protecting electronics and providing an co-friendly, safe experience for the customer. Cleanbox eradicates 99% of bacteria, virus and fungi in 1 minute and its modular designs can treat any number of hardware from 1 to 1,000 or more. Cleanbox is patented in the US and has multiple utility and design patents, globally. Cleanbox is a globally trademarked brand.
November 5, 2019

She Shack Homes – Monica Higgins

She Angels welcomes you to vote for She Shack Homess application. She Shack HomesTM helps homeowners generate passive income and build equity by designing, engineering, permitting, and building new affordable rental units in their backyards. We bundle architecture, interior design, structural engineering, project management and construction services with a single point of contact for the entire process for a smoother and more enjoyable homeowner experience.
April 10, 2019

GoFirefly – Amanda Bodak

She Angels welcomes you to vote for GoFireflys application. GoFirefly ( will become a viable alternative to platforms like Airbnb and hotels for female travelers. Travel industry leaders have created a viable transactional marketplace for short-term stays, however they can't do enough to ensure a woman's safety and comfort when hosting or traveling. The cornerstone of GoFirefly’s business model is connection, differentiating it from others in the short-term rental industry. Our model combines features such as personal profiles, matching, and communications (similar to social media platforms) with a marketplace of property listings and optional personalized amenities to create alternative travel and economic opportunities specifically for women. Key features include: 1. A private membership club, GoFirefly charges an annual membership fee for guests and hosts. Membership dues cover the expense of background checks, personal interviews, and on-site quality checks, all required for a host to become certified and before she can list her property. 2. Once certified, GoFirefly hosts retain 100 percent of their rental income. 3. GoFirefly allows members to search on property or host criteria; they can plan a trip based on their schedule or by connecting through common interests. 4. GoFirefly hosts are encouraged to offer personalized amenities such as home-cooked meals, cocktails & wine, yoga, crafting, transportation or connections to local entertainment. Hosts set the fees for these add-on services, earning 100% of their additional income from amenities. 5. Reservations and payments are all transacted securely within the GoFirefly online platform. As GoFirefly founders, myself (Amanda Bodak) and Brenda Novak, our mission is build a network of women who empower each other; economically and through the experience of connection while traveling - particularly for the millions of women of all ages and ethnicities remaining decidedly single. When we decided to go for it, we scratched together $50,000 - found an ace development team overnight, past colleagues and advisors came out of the woodwork to assist with financial modeling and scalability. In just 60 days, we moved from ideation to launch as well as a round of investor presentations in New York. With great gifts of time and energy pouring in from all around us, we continue to be self-funded. Our current goal is to raise enough debt free capital to develop the platform and test lead generation and conversion models we have prepared. We have 106 members - truly remarkable women are offering yoga, mediation, cooking and art classes, history tours and other experiences on GoFirefly today.