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Cirkled In is “LinkedIn for students and colleges –Only Better!” – a Data Analytics and Machine Learning based college recruitment platform, matching students and best-fit colleges, creating win-win while leveling the playing fields for all students.

Every year, colleges have enrollment goals along with equity & diversity goals. Hence, they proactively recruit high school students spending $10B-$100B. But their insanely inefficient and antiquated marketing methods get them meager 1% returns on this spend, while missing out on most of the goals. It costs them over $2,500 on average to recruit one student. Worst part -without a good fit match, 60% graduation rate is a losing proposition for both students & colleges.

Cirkled In is disrupting this very market, modernizing the recruitment process to be in line with needs of colleges and students, creating win-win.

For students, it’s an award-winning, secure, online holistic portfolio platform where they compile their entire K-12 activities and accomplishments in 7 categories from Academics to sports to volunteering –both inside & outside school. By displaying their detailed professional portfolio, students highlight their holistic strengths and talents and increase their success rate for all applications, from colleges and scholarships to internships to summer jobs and more.

For colleges, Cirkled In brings their recruitment processes to 21st century. They search for best fit students for their institution and recruit them. With access to high quality leads, colleges improve return on their $10B+ recruitment spend and meet their enrollment goals as well equity and diversity goals. Colleges improve subsequent metrics like retention, graduation and employ-ability resulting in improved institution’s ranking. Just like corporate recruiters pay for LinkedIn, college recruiters pay for Cirkled In.

Harnessing the power of data analytics and machine learning, Cirkled In will disrupt the college recruitment market and could be the next unicorn.
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LinkedIn for students and colleges –Only Better!


Founder: reetu gupta

Cirkled In – Reetu Gupta

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