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Description of CMG Ltd

In my over 22 years in the cut throat world of apparel : manufacturing, designing, innovating, branding, and STILL surviving ( my my brand of vegan dresses bags and athletic wear (DALIA MACPHEE) is still very active and carried in better boutiques and department stores worldwide), the one thing that always kept me going were my beloved pets. It’s time to give back.

In the muti billion dollar recession proof pet industry, there is little to no innovation for the animals.

I have created a line of proprietary products ( some patented and patent pending) merging fashion, tech and safety for our four legged friends. If the animals could tell you what they really want and need? That’s this brand. All the things that haven’t been created but should have been. With my history of mass manufacturing and relationships with big box retailers I plan on disrupting the pet market with some of the most innovative, stylish, and affordable products the industry has ever seen. Each product will also give back, with a commitment to further innovation and the plan is to release around 20 new products yearly. If you love animals as much as I do, you don’t want to miss this.

High-Level Pitch

Nike meets Apple for the Pet World


Founder: Dalia MacPhee

CMG Ltd – Dalia MacPhee

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