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Glamhive, INC. – Stephanie Sprangers

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Description of Glamhive, INC.

Glamhive is democratizing personal styling by offering stylists a platform to grow and manage their business and consumers a place to connect with and hire a personal stylist.

Personal styling is a $5.6 billion US market underserved by technology. We are changing that. We have created the first end-to-end, online platform for providing personalized styling services that delivers a seamless solution that enables all aspects related to styling, from customer communication to payments, and style delivery.

The Glamhive platform utilizes a set of patent-pending, proprietary software developed by the company that integrates and normalizes multiple product databases, manages affiliate relationships and associated revenue, and can provide alternative product recommendations and transaction management

Today, we have 300 stylists using Glamhive to power their business, and we are just getting started.

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A platform and marketplace democritizing personal styling.


Founder: Stephanie Sprangers

Glamhive, INC. – Stephanie Sprangers

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