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GoFirefly (www.gofireflygo.com) will become a viable alternative to platforms like Airbnb and hotels for female travelers. Travel industry leaders have created a viable transactional marketplace for short-term stays, however they can’t do enough to ensure a woman’s safety and comfort when hosting or traveling. The cornerstone of GoFirefly’s business model is connection, differentiating it from others in the short-term rental industry. Our model combines features such as personal profiles, matching, and communications (similar to social media platforms) with a marketplace of property listings and optional personalized amenities to create alternative travel and economic opportunities specifically for women. Key features include:

1. A private membership club, GoFirefly charges an annual membership fee for guests and hosts. Membership dues cover the expense of background checks, personal interviews, and on-site quality checks, all required for a host to become certified and before she can list her property.

2. Once certified, GoFirefly hosts retain 100 percent of their rental income.

3. GoFirefly allows members to search on property or host criteria; they can plan a trip based on their schedule or by connecting through common interests.

4. GoFirefly hosts are encouraged to offer personalized amenities such as home-cooked meals, cocktails & wine, yoga, crafting, transportation or connections to local entertainment. Hosts set the fees for these add-on services, earning 100% of their additional income from amenities.

5. Reservations and payments are all transacted securely within the GoFirefly online platform.

As GoFirefly founders, myself (Amanda Bodak) and Brenda Novak, our mission is build a network of women who empower each other; economically and through the experience of connection while traveling – particularly for the millions of women of all ages and ethnicities remaining decidedly single. When we decided to go for it, we scratched together $50,000 – found an ace development team overnight, past colleagues and advisors came out of the woodwork to assist with financial modeling and scalability. In just 60 days, we moved from ideation to launch as well as a round of investor presentations in New York. With great gifts of time and energy pouring in from all around us, we continue to be self-funded. Our current goal is to raise enough debt free capital to develop the platform and test lead generation and conversion models we have prepared. We have 106 members – truly remarkable women are offering yoga, mediation, cooking and art classes, history tours and other experiences on GoFirefly today.

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A BnB for women by women.


Founder: Amanda Bodak

GoFirefly – Amanda Bodak

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