Jewel Thais – Williams Answers: What top 3 pieces of advice would you give to an entrepreneur?

  1. Location, location – Research the area that you would like to locate or if you already have a location it is not too late to find out more. The demographics of the surrounding area to ascertain if the neighborhood can or will support your business. There were banks that would have this information maybe that still exist – check it out. Some of the other points to check for would be for parking, safety and accessibility. If you can locate a vacant spot that had a business same or similar to yours, research what happened to make it close. If nothing negative shows up – take it. If there’s a business for sale that would work for you, do the same.
  2. Have enough funds or access to where you could get funding for at least 6 months to 1 year. DO NOT count your income before you make it. Have a business plan and an emergency fund set aside. Be prepared to do all of the jobs that the business requires because you might have to multitask in order to save on overhead.
  3. The many P’s I have referred to in my business journey that helped me to succeed. The top 2 are Patience and Perseverance. Most successes do not come quickly. Let time be your friend. Use it to keep going when it’s tough – yes perseverance and be patient. Peep thru your eyes and see the vision of you being a winner. Practice feeling the victory of your achievement, and then make it happen.

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