Laura Gmeinder – Empowered Women Empowering Women: What ways can women help others succeed?

  • Honor Emerging Leaders
    Ask a woman you respect if you can nominate her for an honor or award. She will be so flattered. And don’t be surprised if she provides much, if not all, of the information you need to complete the application. If she hesitates, you can offer to have a conversation with her to focus on what to highlight. Or alternately, encourage her to self-nominate. Many women won’t self-nominate because it feels like bragging- but it’s branding! Start the process for her by shining the light on a few of her strengths, what sets her apart as a leader. Talk about a self-esteem boost! Self-nomination encourages reflection and encourages the women in your life to celebrate their successes. Helping women identify their competitive advantage helps them in their career or business. And the impact on the relationship is more than one phone call or coffee date- she knows now that you are someone who is supporting her personal and professional growth- and don’t be surprised if she looks for ways to support you.
  • Mix and Mingle With a Purpose
    Invite a recent grad in your field to attend a networking event with you. Maybe you can’t commit to an ongoing mentor relationship but maybe someone else in your network or industry can. At the end of the event, encourage her to extend an invite to someone in her network to pay it forward. One of my friends is the connector in town. Often, she buys a table at a non-profit or networking event and invites a mix of ladies who may have otherwise not crossed paths. It’s a great way to develop new relationships and it adds value to your network-while supporting a good cause.

Laura Gmeinder
Leadership Coach / Business Consultant / Motivational Speaker & Trainer

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Laura Gmeinder – Empowered Women Empowering Women: What ways can women help others succeed?

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