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Description of Fitware™

Fitware™ modular storage is a more convenient way to prep like a restaurant and take food easily. Using a grid pattern, multiple containers can fit and seal under one lid in a box the size of a cake pan. Other sizes can be made, but making all to fit in a grid makes it easy for multiple items to work and store together.
Fitware is designed to connect all things food – a cost effective way to make meals, travel with food, package food and ship food. With a mix of reusable, compostable, biodegradable and recyclable plastics or glass, using a modular system creates less food waste and plastic waste. No more food lost in the fridge, keep your ingredients and your leftovers in one spot.

High-Level Pitch

Modular System saves Time, Money & Environment


Founder: Marjorie Weir

Fitware – Marjorie Weir

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