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Description of Putting Women In Their Place

Putting Women In Their Place is a Specialized Media Company amplifying the authentic voices of progressive women candidates with our proven approach to campaign videos. By leveraging our nationwide media networks, we provide this large underserved market with outreach previously only utilized by larger campaigns.

Through our process, candidates receive on-camera and public speaking training which serves them throughout their public service career. Each candidate is interviewed on camera by a media team in her area. Our centralized team edits and delivers her video in order to maintain quality control. Targeted distribution of videos through social media platforms reaches voters in districts no matter the size, keeping expenses in line with the size of each campaign.

Our videos reach and educate voters who might otherwise have a difficult time finding information about local candidates running smaller campaigns. By working with candidates at all levels of government, we aim to fill the pipeline with experienced public servants ready to move up the political ladder in each subsequent election cycle.

We began in 2017, doubled in 2018 and are projected to double again in 2019 and 2020. There is nothing more important than our democracy and righting the imbalance of power currently existing in our government. Women’s voices and experiences are unique and desperately needed at the table. Help us help women claim their seat.

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Building nationwide media network supporting women candidates


Founder: Megan Park

Putting Women In Their Place – Megan Park

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