Rebecca Zung, Esq.: What motivated you to start your business?

  • My whole life has been one of transitions. And my divorce transition was one of the biggest and most painful of them all. Backing up to the beginning, I was raised as the daughter of a Chinese doctor, and an American successful businesswoman, in McLean VA, an affluent suburban community adjacent to Washington D.C. I went to a private boarding school in the northeast for high school, and my parents were definitely grooming me for a career in law, medicine or business.

    Then at the age of 19, I decided to engage in my own personal form of parental rebellion. I married one of the boys from the town where my high school was located. Getting married wasn’t enough. I had to go on and have three children by the time I was 23. Then realized, pretty early on, that this person, this life, was not going to be my forever gig.

    So at the ripe young age of 29, I found myself divorcing, and facing the rest of my life alone with three small children. And I hadn’t even turned 30 yet. So as a mother bird with three little mouths to feed, and nearly no money, I threw my application into the night law school program at the University of Miami and thank the heavens and the stars above, was accepted.

    In short, the decision to divorce, set in motion events that brought me forward to the rest of my life, and where I sit communicating with you today. In short, I graduated from law school, started working for a top divorce attorney, then became a top divorce attorney myself, wrote a bestselling divorce book and went on to create a nationally recognized divorce podcast ( and appeared on media outlets everywhere. My view from the top still allows me to see the bottom. I see where I used to be. I can still see the bottom of this mountain I have spent the last 20 years climbing. Starting a divorce is one of the most scary and traumatic things a person can do. You’re looking at a complete change in everything about your personal life. Nothing is left undisturbed.

    And while you’re having to deal with, process and survive all the trauma, you also have to look at paying thousands of dollars in legal fees, and having the divorce be dragged out for months and maybe even years. And guess what? There’s a new divorce filed every 13 seconds in the world, and on top of that, there are more than 40 million Americans who are co-parenting with an ex-spouse right now. The statistics are still pretty dismal.

    And therein lies the motivation for me to start my business. As Albert Einstein so aptly stated “in the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” I know the pain. I know the dread. I know the struggle. Thus, I know what people need to know so that they can push past that fear, anguish and distress, and proceed with confidence, strength and power. My online divorce videos, resources and mediation options ( allow all divorcing people to have access to the knowledge, methods and strategies necessary to come out of
    their divorces victorious and thriving!

    We were all placed on this planet for a reason. I know for sure that the reason always has to do with what we are doing to help our fellow human beings. Our happiness and feeling of fulfillment is directly related to how many souls we are impacting positively. This divorce empowerment mission is the one with which the universe decided to charge me. So with that, I have decided to revolutionize the conversation® about divorce (I even trademarked the phrase!). And guess what? You’re just one step away from your new life..

  • Rebecca Zung, Esq.

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Rebecca Zung, Esq.: What motivated you to start your business?

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