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We believe trust is the most important currency in the growing gig and sharing economies. It’s the most critical factor for marketplaces to grow, for workers to book jobs, and for families to have peace of mind.

Working with experts in law enforcement, criminology, and psychology, we developed a digital trust badge people can display on any profile to let others know — at a glance — they are trustworthy. In addition to a more comprehensive criminal background check with regular rescreening, we do a financial screening and ID verification, plus our proprietary Beacon behavioral review.

Our algorithm looks for characteristics, patterns of behavior, and the underlying psychology of a past offense. When someone meets all our criteria, they get a digital badge with a unique PIN.

Early data shows babysitters with a SafetyPIN book 113% more jobs and earn $703 more on average. Our goal is to use this technology to minimize unintentional biases that limit opportunity for some — and increase peace of mind to make the platforms a better choice for everyone.


High-Level Pitch

Digital trust badge for the gig economy


Founder: Jenny Thompson

SafetyPIN Technologies Inc. – Jenny Thompson

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