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Shared Harvest Fund renews optimism to young and seasoned professionals by modernizing student debt relief and creating super easy and intentional pathways to help talented people volunteer away their student loan debt while building their careers, promoting their company’s brand and impacting their communities. We believe everyone has a cause they want to champion, but student debt has many bright professionals feeling like indentured servants. Our “Fintech for Good” human resource platform crushes the shackles of student debt by matching skills-based volunteers to nonprofit gigs while we pick up their student loan payments. Shared Harvest is proving that giving back can pay off so that everyday humans have a chance to get unplugged, connect with a social cause and use their superpowers to change the world.

The future of work will include student loan repayment benefits for any business that values its employees. Shared Harvest is intentional in its vision to ensure that employer assisted student loan benefits get to everyday women and minorities who often get left behind. Shared Harvest was founded by three African American women doctors to tackle employee burnout and wellness. We built a B2B platform that invests back into local superheroes and the communities that make our workforce thrive. We’re expanding the resources and opportunities for financing higher education one social good at a time.

High-Level Pitch

Debt relief mindfully! The only platform that rewards our skills-based volunteers with student debt relief stipends.


Founder: Nana BAM

Shared Harvest Fund – Nana BAM

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