Season Two SHE ANGELS Pitchfest and TV Web Series
Happening in 2020!

presented by 360 Karma Productions with the City of West Hollywood


360Karma and SHE ANGELS have galvanized a new movement in which highly successful women reach out a hand to help other women do real good in their own lives or in the world.

Our national organization partner NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) – with nearly 60 chapters and over 5,000 dues-paying members – will also have concepts to build on.

And you will benefit from our alliance with the trailblazing City of West Hollywood.

  • Earn the loyalty of a diverse and powerful group of business women and passionate entrepreneurs by showing that your company is helping female founders thrive.
  • Align with dynamic organizations, such as the National Alliance of Women Business Owners with nearly 60 chapters across the country, the active and innovative City of West Hollywood.
  • Benefit from prominent partnership with year-long exposure, including promotion online, on the weekly Talk Show, in social media and exciting TV Web Series that follows the journeys of She Angel winners, as well as live events.
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  • Let’s get started on this extraordinary co-branded collaboration to bring your brand values in front of these passionate and very influential women and align with helping business women soar!

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