Tough Mamas – Nico Juber & Debbie Saroufim

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Description of Tough Mamas

Tough Mamas simplifies new-mom self-care by providing clients with two new on-demand workouts every week. What makes us unique is that our Certified Trainer gives specific pre-natal and postpartum modifications in every video. By removing the guesswork for those that already have enough on their mind, it lets them simply focus on the video and their wellbeing.

Plus, we’re focusing on gifting our product to take the purchase consideration out for the moms altogether by marketing our product as a wellness benefit, patient perk and 3 month membership gift card.

High-Level Pitch

Changing self-care during pregnancy and beyond.


Founder: Nico Juber & Debbie Saroufim

Tough Mamas – Nico Juber & Debbie Saroufim

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